Benefits of Installing SBS Roofing Membrane

SBS or Modified Bitumen (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) is an elastomeric additive to asphalt that when cooled exhibits rubber like properties. SBS roofing system is a manufactured roofing membrane with superior waterproofing, UV resistance and long-term durability properties. SBS roofing membrane systems are classified as 2-ply system it’s comprised of 2 layers of membrane bonded to each other to using hot asphalt or a propane torch creating a monolithic waterproof membrane. The top layer “Cap Sheet” has small rock granules embedded in the membrane to provide UV protection. These granules are available in a variety of colours.

SBS modified bitumen roofing systems have evolved to include a wide variety of products and application methods depending on the client’s wants and needs.

Some of the more common application methods are:

Mechanically Fastened Base Sheet

Mechanically Fastened Base Sheet

The 1st ply “base sheet” fastened to the substrate using specialized screws and plates. The mechanically fastened option is the most cost effective application method for SBS systems.
Cap Sheet Diagram

Cap Sheet

The 2nd ply “Cap Sheet” membrane is embedded with mineral granular too reflect UV rays. Cap Sheet is typically heat welded to the 1st ply “Base Sheet” membrane by propane torch.
Fully Adered Base Sheet

Fully Adhered Base sheet

The 1st ply “base sheet” is adhered to substrate using adhesives or hot asphalt. The 2nd ply “Cap Sheet” membrane is typically heat welded to the bottom ply “Base” membrane by propane torch.